Transversal themes


Common problems with the research topics


Reliability and modelling

Transversal work to promote digital modelling applied to the durability of structures by:
- Disseminating digital modelling techniques developed in the laboratory,
- Sharing the knowledge generated by this process to ensure a sustainable laboratory culture in the field of digital modelling.

Main topics
Modelling of concrete behaviour:
o Thermo-hygro-mechanical coupling
o Chloride penetration in concrete
o Carbonation, leaching

Modelling of structural behaviour:
o Massive buildings (dam, container)
o Structures (masonry bridge, reinforced/prestressed concrete)
o Thin bonded cement based/coating materials

Probabilistic approach to reliability:
o FORM/SORM Method
o Response surface method




Low-Impact Building

Transversal work for:
- Improvement of existing buildings,
- Study of eco-materials for future constructions
- Life cycle analysis, environmental and health characterization of materials
- Development of mineral resources, industrial by-products, agro resources in cementitious materials, ceramics, wood and insulation



Research Topics