Research topics


Research activities of laboratory





Topic I

Design and characterization of civil engineering materials



- Development of new materials: Eco-materials / Concrete with low moduli / Concretes with low pH, etc.
- Use of industrial by-products, waste…
- Characterization of materials: physical (rheology, etc.), chemical, mechanical (damage, cracking, creep, etc.), environmental.

- Development of materials in Road applications (treatment of soils, pavement bases, etc.).



Topic II

Durability and pathologies of materials


    - Pathology of building materials: Physical, chemical, biological reactions (alkali-reaction, sulphate attack, etc.)
- Study of ion transfer (accelerated test)
- Multi-scale modelling of transfers and couplings



Topic III

Mechanical behaviour of materials in construction works


- Study of steel - concrete composite: testing and modelling (reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete)
- Behaviour of thin layers: experimentation and modelling (plastering, repairs)
- Behaviour of structures (reliability approach, etc.)




Topic IV

Preservation of building heritage





- Developing tools for non-destructive testing (radar, acoustic emission)
- Study of maintenance techniques (electrochemical, inhibitors)
- Requalification of structures and repair (composite masonry structures, use of carbon composites)



Transversal themes